new website

Aladon launches a new website focusing on new vision, thoughtware and software

New vision, new website

We are so excited to introduce you to our new website, a project that’s been in the works since February. While our site was due for a new bolder, more user-friendly experience, we took this opportunity to gather our leadership team and rethink Aladon’s trajectory in this next decade.

This couldn’t have come at a better time, as the need to prepare organizations for an uncertain future is now more essential than ever.

We developed our new tagline, one you’ll see repeated in many places, to focus on our next phase of integrating Aladon’s own software with our proven thoughtware:

We create a reliability culture through thoughtware and software to improve the performance of your physical assets.

Our old site,, emphasized our global Aladon Network of facilitators. While the Network remains integral to our business, our new site takes a client-centered approach, focusing on how Aladon thoughtware and software support businesses around the world. We think this will be integral to our Network members’ work by showing they are part of a global leader in the reliability space.

Focus on reliability software

This new site emphasizes the software that we continue to develop. Our software integrates with our methodologies seamlessly, making Aladon an easier and more affordable option for businesses to build and maintain a reliability culture. Fortune 500 global companies are already using Aladon’s software, even as we continue to improve it and move it to the Cloud.

We also worked hard to break down the complicated technical work that we and our Network members do into language that busy business leaders in C-suite positions can absorb. We focused on how we solve the problem these organizations face, which is simply: the need to create a reliability culture. Ultimately, our goal is to support businesses and utilities so that the leadership team can have a top-down understanding of every aspect of their business. We want them to understand what can go wrong in the organization and still be able to sleep at night.

On out site, you’ll find new videos, blogs and engaging content, like an RCM quiz, to tell the story of how Aladon supports businesses. 

This new site is only just the beginning. We plan to continue enhancing it to support our clients and Network members. We know that creating a reliability culture through Aladon’s thoughtware and software supports organizations in their goal to be more sustainable, cost-efficient, environmentally safe and secure. We look forward to being able to bring the Aladon Advantage to more business leaders around the world.