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Ready for a world-class system to manage your assets? Aladon’s REW software combines our proven strategies with a customizable software solution so that you can maintain and optimize your assets. You’ll achieve the maximum long-term benefits of your organization’s assets at a price you can afford.

Aladon’s suite of thoughtware is at the core of our software solution. Our integrated system gives you the knowledge and tools you need to create a reliability culture in your organization. Use real data to set benchmarks, monitor KPIs, drive improvement and make key decisions on all your physical assets, all the time.

Integrated strategies on every asset for the entire lifecycle

Reducing the cost of asset ownership and increase return

Increase effectiveness and efficiency

Capture important data and share it between applications 

Align strategies with International Standards for Asset and Risk Management

Integrate easily with Work Management Systems (e.g. SAP, Maximo)

Create a reliability culture in your organization

Why Choose Aladon’s Software?

Aladon has proven thoughtware for managing the risk and reliability of physical assets, and we designed our software to support and seamlessly integrate with our methodologies. We used the experience we gained in the application of our award-winning methodologies to develop world-class integrated software, designed to support the work of a reliability professional.

Our advanced software is an integral part of our risk and reliability asset management thoughtware. Integrating software with a methodology without sacrificing or (while maintaining) its integrity requires complete knowledge of the methodology as well as the skills to transfer the methodology to a software support tool. Our software knowledge is based on decades of providing asset management services  to every industry known to mankind.

Improve the way your company manages assets, control costs and boost overall productivity

Make data-driven decisions about your physical assets.

Meet today’s requirements of the international asset management standards, ISO 55001 and ISO 31000.

Track and manage physical assets to the highest standard throughout the entire asset life cycle.

Aladon’s REW software supports the following methodologies

Our advanced software is an integral part of our reliability and asset management thoughtware. Integrating software with a methodology without sacrificing its integrity requires a complete understanding of the methodology as well as the skills to transfer the methodology to a software support tool. Our software knowledge is based on decades of providing asset management services in the military and commercial industries.

  • Asset Criticality and Priority Assessment (ACAP™)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2™/RCM3™)
  • Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
  • Asset Condition Assessment (ACES)
  • Risk Centered Spares™ (RCS)
  • Weibull Analysis

Expanded functionality will soon include Reliability-Centred Design™ (RCD), Weibull Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis with many more advancements being added.

You’ll have peace of mind when you integrate Aladon’s software into your organization, thanks to our formal training, assisted implementation and product support. 

I would like to take an opportunity to recognize your Software team, especially Brad, for providing excellent and quick responses and support to us during the REW rollout.

Nagarajan Babu, P.Eng., Syncrude Oil, Canada
Reliability Rep – OM&S
Team Leader – Equipment Strategy Development
Equipment and Reliability Engineering

Get the most efficient and effective use of your physical assets and resources

Proactively manage every phase of the asset life-cycle with Aladon’s portfolio of reliability and asset management training and services supported by world-class software. It’s a combination that is unmatched in the industry.

Your organization’s business success depends on your ability to deliver excellent results consistently. This means being able to get the maximum performance from every asset. By combining our thoughtware with our software, you can access the best information for tactical and strategic decisions to proactively manage your business reliably and safety.

How Our Software Integrates with Our Thoughtware

  • Captures your asset information in hierarchical form (also ISO 14224 compliant)
  • Allows you to develop an understanding of which assets are the most critical using Aladon’s Asset Criticality and Priority Assessment (ACAP) (assets that impact the business the most)
  • Prioritize the assets that would require formal evaluations using Aladon asset prioritization and strategy selection method (ACAP)
  • Manage KPIs and dashboards for strategy selection for each asset in order to develop plans, timelines, training, workshops and more
  • Develop maintenance and asset care strategies based on criticality and priority using the Aladon trademark methodologies (RCM2, RCM3, MTA, and more)
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies and defect elimination  where failures happen using the integrated Aladon Root Cause Failure Analysis method (RCFA)
  • Provide an evaluation (snapshot) of the condition of your organization’s assets for assisting with long term planning and strategy review using the Aladon Condition Assessment method (ACES)
  • Reduce risk, increase reliability and availability and produce most cost effective and safe maintenance solutions (integration of methodologies)
  • Identify critical spare parts, record the spare parts at asset level and determine stocking policy using the Aladon Risk Centered Spares (RCS) methodology
  • Track asset performance (asset health and risk) through integration with lab test results, equipment sensors, condition assessments, inspections (performance, temperature, vibration, oil level, etc.)
  • Develop asset operating and performance scenarios and simulate reliability and availability outcomes using Reliability-Centered Design™, Monte Carlo and Weibull analysis
  • Track cost and risk (as well as forecasting and planning) associated with operating and maintaining the assets within the software based on asset health indicators (AHI).
  • Automate planning based on asset strategies (predictive, preventive, corrective) and performance indicators (automated and manual) 
  • Track continuous improvement based on multiple criteria 

REW Modules

Asset Criticality and Prioritization (ACAP)

The first critical success factor is to ensure that the asset strategy review process is performed on critical and important assets, and that work is planned as thoroughly as possible. To achieve this, it is important to rank your assets according to relative importance. Through the strong data loader, asset hierarchy information can be imported and for determining asset criticality and prioritize your assets, ACAP delivers the ranking and comparison of important attributes and business objectives.

Reliability Centered Design (RCD)

RCD helps reliability and design engineers integrate reliability concepts into the design process. Our systematic approach not only saves capital spending and design time, but also dramatically increases the return on asset value. Our approach of integrating the design with operations and maintenance, providing maximum efficiency and reliability at the lowest cost and risk right from the start. Through modeling and simulation, reliability, availability, buildability, operability and maintainability are addressed during design.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

The robust Aladon RCM (RCM2™ & RCM3™) methodologies are fully supported and matched one-to-one in our software. Our software is purpose-built to optimize the value from your asset management system allowing users to select RCM2 or RCM3 (depending on the methodology implemented). The final outcome of an RCM program is the implementation of a strategy to help your team ensure that critical assets perform satisfactorily within the Operating Context. Our software allows easy and efficient data capturing and rapid implementation of the recommendations and outcomes. The RCM modules integrate with other reliability modules to ensure continuous improvement while improving data integrity and quality.

Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)

MTA is used for less critical assets as determined using ACAP, ensuring all your assets are covered. MTA is not a zero-base analysis (like RCM) and is a process designed to review existing maintenance programs and care strategies to ensure the PM tasks satisfy both criteria; technically feasible and worth doing (tasks must address failure modes and the risk). MTA fully integrates with our other risk-based approaches and is designed to work in tandem with RCM. It is possible to integrate MTA with your Work Management System or use staging tables to support integration.

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

RCFA is the leading methodology for determining what must be done to ensure that any negative deviation in performance for any asset or system will not happen again within tolerable levels of risk as defined in the organization’s asset management system. The decision logic within REW assists Facilitators in selecting between formal and informal approaches, based on criticality. REW allows the RCFA Facilitator to efficiently capture important information through building the cause and effect diagram, then drilling down until the root cause and the effective solution(s) have been identified.

Condition Assessment (CA)

Through CA, equipment information and data are reviewed and analyzed to determine asset condition, health and remaining life. The assessment includes the collection of field data using analytical tools and drone technology in cases of hard to reach or unsafe areas. The information gathered and analyzed during an assessment is used for strategic decision making, including repair vs. replacement decisions, asset selection and evaluation, due diligence and more. Our software makes it easy to build or import assessment templates, collect data and information and add supporting documentation such as pictures and name plate data. The recommendations from the assessment are integrated with our other risk-based methodologies for ensuring data quality and integrity while ensuring continuous improvement.

Risk Centered Spares (RCS)

RCS is an extension of the RCM process, designed to determine the minimum amount of spares to keep for supporting maintenance and operations at all levels. REW uses failure data and recommended risk management strategies (e.g. planned maintenance or one-time change), generated through the RCM process, to evaluate the spare part requirements. REW captures the effects of a stock-out and uses this information and complex algorithms to calculate stocking levels. Spare parts that can be anticipated are treated differently from the ones where spare part requirements cannot be anticipated (for failure that can not be predicted or prevented). REW uses strong algorithms for calculating optimum spare parts based on important criteria for increasing availability and reliability while lowering cost and risk.

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Our goal is to help you proactively manage every phase of the asset life cycle, and we do so by delivering a portfolio of reliability training and services supported by world-class software that is unmatched in the industry. Contact us to find out more.

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