RCM3™ Software

The Only Software and Thoughtware Needed for All Your Assets

The risk-based Aladon RCM3™ methodology is fully supported and matched one-to-one in our software. RCM3 complies fully with the minimum requirements of the SAE JA 1011 and SAE JA 1012 Standards and goes beyond these requirements.

RCM3 also aligns with ISO 55000 and ISO 31000 Management Systems by using a risk-based approach to asset management strategy development. RCM3 is the process used to determine what must be done to an asset system to preserve its functions while minimizing the risks associated with failures to a tolerable level. The final outcome of an RCM program is the implementation of a strategy to help your team ensure that critical assets perform satisfactorily within the Operating Context. Our software allows easy and efficient data capturing and rapid implementation of the recommendations and outcomes. The RCM3 module integrates with other risk-based reliability modules to ensure continuous improvement while improving data integrity and quality.

Benefits of RCM3

  • Increase reliability, availability and productivity
  • Optimize maintenance and avoid unnecessary costs
  • Boost safety awareness and environmental integrity
  • Generate a better understanding of equipment behavior
  • Share information across the entire organization
  • Exceeds SAE standards and broadens RCM2 capability to align with more recent and internationally accepted ISO Management Systems (ISO 55001 and ISO 31000)
  • Integrates with other Business Risk Management Systems

RCM3 is no longer just another initiative, but a mainstream business risk management process that could become the most important management system for improving Process Safety and Asset Integrity. Our new risk-based methodology is the only process companies need to maintain and optimize all their assets (rotating and static).

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