RCD Introductory Course

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to RCD and its principles. It is intended for those who wish to add the due diligence for ensuring user requirements are fully met to the traditional design process.

This course walks participants through the RCD process by defining business objectives and business risks and ultimately ensures these objectives are met and the business risks are eliminated or at least reduced to a tolerable level. This is done for the new facility or asset right at the start and ends by simulating real life scenarios and optimization to ensure these objectives are met on an ongoing basis through operation and maintenance (with highest reliability and lowest cost).

By Participating You Will Learn How RCD:

  • Defines business objectives (safety, envirnomental, operational, quality, etc.)
  • Creates baseline design required to meet user requirements (done by others)
  • Define the operating context (create real life scenarios/operating conditions)
  • Identify critical assets and systems (defined by business objectives)
  • Perform FMECA on critical assets
  • Collect asset reliability data and information
  • Build reliability model and simulate base line design (using real life scenarios)
  • Review and optimize through alternatives and revised strategies
  • Simulate revised options (if required)
  • Submit final recommendations (ensure objectives are met)

This course is a prerequisite for anyone who plans to participate in a design project using the RCD principles.

Length of Course: 2 days

Recommended Participants:

  • Design engineers
  • Operators
  • Maintenance
  • Asset owners
  • OEMs
  • Vendors
  • Suppliers

Prerequisites: RCM2™ Introductory Course or RCM3™ Introductory Course

Course Materials:

  • RCD Training Manual
  • Case Studies
  • Exercises and Solution Sets

Course Options:

  • Hold an exclusive course at your facility for your employees
  • Host a course at your facility for your employees and invite participants from other companies
  • Attend a public course hosted by a member of The Aladon Network

Number of Participants: Maximum 20

Cost: Please contact Aladon or your local Aladon Network Member for pricing.

For More Information:

To find out more about RCD download the brochure here.

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