The Right Reliability Training for Your Needs

With Aladon, you’ll never have to worry about receiving the right level of training to enhance your company’s asset reliability program. We can train any employee regardless of past experience and take them from beginner to expert level in a controlled, coached environment.

Our programs help your company target your improvement efforts and select the risk appropriate strategy to bridge your asset performance issues.

Easy to Start

All training courses are taught by an Aladon Certified Practitioner who promote the value-added application of Aladon’s world-class best practices and strategies.

Easy to Qualify

Once qualified, students can then become Aladon Certified Facilitators* through the Aladon RCM Certification Program where they learn how to apply Aladon philosophies and methodologies.

*Qualifying restrictions apply

Unmatched Support

We can provide coaching and support to help ensure your facilitators apply our thoughtware correctly and receive everything they can out of our training process.

From RCM Basics to our most advanced training and certification, Aladon can equip your company with our world-class training courses

RCM2 Executive Overview

Introduces executives to the intricacies of modern asset management so that they are best prepared to actively sponsor an asset performance improvement initiative. Learn More

RCM3 Executive Overview

Equips executives with knowledge about implementation of risk-based asset management so that they are best prepared to actively sponsor an asset performance improvement initiative that supports ISO 55001 and ISO 31000. Learn More

RCM2 Introductory Course

Applies best practices in answering the seven questions of RCM2 using a real life, case study approach. Students will explore the techniques required to define a maintenance program in a logical and structured way that recognizes the hidden, safety, environmental and operating consequences of failure. Learn More

RCM3 Introductory Course

Redefines your understanding of physical and economic risk management, completely transforming the way organizations and O&M view the development of maintenance programs and their roles and responsibilities in that process. Learn More

Advanced Aladon RCM Facilitator Training

The Aladon RCM Facilitator Course is a 10-day classroom training course followed by onsite mentoring and coaching designed to introduce the skills necessary to successfully lead an RCM analysis. An experienced Aladon Certified Practitioner will teach you to understand the skillsets and competencies of a facilitator through classroom application and coaching using real world case studies. Learn More

RCFA Introductory Course

Applies best practices for managing failures in two ways, an informal review of failures for less critical assets (nuisance or repeat events) and a formal approach to defect elimination for more critical assets and failures with intolerable consequences. Learn More

Aladon RCM Certification

The Aladon RCM Certification Program assists you in taking all of your classroom training to the next level in your organization. The program is designed to provide the appropriate amount of coaching and mentoring to build your competency to the quality levels expected by the Certified Practitioners in The Aladon Network itself. Learn More

Course in Principles of Physical Asset Management

Introduces principles and best practices of Physical Asset Management as defined by the International Standards. This interactive course discusses Asset Management, Reliability Centered Maintenance and Planning and Scheduling and includes case studies and exercises to get a chance to apply these methods. Learn More

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