Forest product-centric solutions

Comprehensive, Experience-based Methodologies for Forest Product Industry

The Aladon Forest-centric reliability solutions are based on years of experience implementing RCM and reliability improvement programs in forest product industries.

Our thoughtware and software cover the needs of physical assets used in all aspects of the forest products industry, including:

  • Chipping
  • Pulp
  • Bleaching
  • Paper production
  • Chemical recovery
  • Power generation
  • Converting
  • Solid wood products from around the globe.

Many of the Aladon Practitioners have worked and managed in the various forest products industry and understand the challenges faced by the industry today. From safety, environmental, quality and cost, our new industry-centric solutions offer experience-based methodologies which include comprehensive templates and information to expedite the implementation of reliability-based programs. We work with our partners to innovate in the application of the technology for autonomous operations, continuous monitoring, predictive analytics and cognitive learning to ensure safe operations of your equipment.

Aladon’s forest product-centric program provides:

  • Forest Product-centric solution overviews (for executives and stakeholders) and training for all employees
  • Forest Product-centric content and case studies
  • Forest Product-centric training courses and experienced based learning
  • World-wide references from multiple locations for best practice solutions
  • Access to world-class expertise and bench marks
  • Access to leading innovations in the application of technology

What we offer:

  • Forest product-centric RCM (Including generic templates for all critical equipment)
  • Process equipment templates for rapid implementation
  • Forest Product-centric Condition Assessment (including hundreds of forest products industry equipment templates)
  • Forest Product-centric Reliability Centered Design with proven results
  • Forest Product-centric Root Cause Failure Analysis

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