Asset Criticality and Prioritization (ACAP) Software


The first critical success factor is to ensure that the asset strategy review process is performed on critical and important assets, and that work is planned as thoroughly as possible. To achieve this, it is important to rank your assets according to relative importance. Through the strong data loader, asset hierarchy information can be imported and for determining asset criticality and prioritize your assets, ACAP delivers the ranking and comparison of important attributes and business objectives.

Why your organization should use ACAP Software

  • It encourages decision makers to achieve consensus on the importance of assets.
  • It does not only ensure that improvement efforts and resources are directed to most critical assets (what to include), but also where to start based on priority.
  • It’s not resource intensive and can easily be performed by your own people.
  • It allows your organization to focus on business goals.
  • It demonstrates due diligence.
  • It justifies spending and using scarce resources required for asset improvement initiatives.
  • It aligns with ISO 55001 and ISO 31000.

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