Frequently Asked Questions About ACTOR Software

What software is currently available?
  • RCM3 is now the new standard for how organizations manage their operational risks and improve asset integrity.
  • ACTOR currently contains the RCM2TM and RCM3TM modules with the RCFA, Life Cycle Costing, Weibull, Maintenance Task Analysis, Asset Criticality, Condition Assessment modules scheduled for release in Q2 2023. A basic RAM tool is scheduled for release in Q3 2023 and RCS, a risk centered spares analysis currently available as a standalone tool, will be available in ACTOR in Q4 2023.
  • Web based solution that is available as Aladon hosted or on-premise.
  • Subscription based pricing with concurrent user licenses in multiples of 5. 

What are the on-premise system requirements?

Operating System:  Server 2016 or newer

RAM:  8 GB but depends on database size

Hard Disk for ACTOR: 5 GB

SQL Server 2016 or newer

Java: Java SE SDK 11 or higher

.NET Framework 3.1.8\6.0 (.net core) 

Is there technical support?

Technical support is available via the web, by phone or email during business hours.

Is there functional implementation assistance?

Functional implementation support is available to clients requiring a “Quick-Start” solution and is quoted separately.

What are the training options?

We offer technical support online and by phone, as well as email support during business hours. Please contact us if you have any questions, or learn more about our training here.

How much does it cost?

Prices for seats, database, technical support, functional implementation and development of new requirements are available on request. Prices are subscription based per module or package in 5 license increments. Contact us for pricing details.

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