RCM2™ ACTOR Software

Effective Reliability-based Approach to RCM Software

The robust and long standing Aladon RCM2™ methodology is fully supported and matched one-to-one in our software and complies fully with the SAE JA1011 and JA2012 RCM standards. RCM2 is a process to determine what must be done to an asset system to preserve its functions (while minimizing or avoiding failure consequences). The final outcome of an RCM program is the implementation of a strategy to help your team ensure that critical assets perform satisfactorily within the Operating Context. Our software allows easy and efficient data capturing and rapid implementation of the recommendations and outcomes.

Here’s how RCM2 software can support your organization’s reliability culture:

  • Increase reliability, availability and productivity
  • Optimize maintenance and avoid unnecessary costs
  • Boost safety awareness and environmental integrity
  • Generate better understanding of equipment behavior
  • Share information across the entire organization

Ready to get started?

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