Targeted Maintenance Solutions

About Targeted Maintenance Solutions

Organizations, particularly those with maintenance-intensive physical assets, are coming under increasing pressure to manage their portfolio of assets efficiently. To a large extent, success hinges on whether the assets are managed in such a way that minimizes the total cost of ownership throughout their life. By teaming with the Aladon Network’s proactive approach to risk management (from asset design, to operations and maintenance, to retirement and disposal), Targeted Maintenance Solutions provides the reliability solutions you need to safely and cost-effectively realize the inherent capability of your physical assets.

Principal Practitioner Profile

Gary West

Principal Consultant

Years of Experience: 30+ years

Notable Facts: During a six-year enlistment in the U.S. Navy, Mr. West operated and maintained submarine reactor and steam plant systems’ equipment. Subsequently, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering while attending Oregon State University. For approximately the next 30 years, he held various maintenance-related engineering and management positions within the Naval Nuclear Power Program. As a certified Aladon Network RCM2 practitioner and engineer with extensive maintenance experience, Gary can help your organization successfully apply the RCM2 process to a variety of asset types. Your organization’s resources spent on the application of RCM2 will be an investment that rapidly pays dividends in improved safety, sustained equipment reliability, operational availability, avoidance of costs associated with failure, and conservation of assets.

United States Navy
United States Department of Energy