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Headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, Brown and Caldwell (BC) is a full-service environmental engineering and construction firm with 52 offices and 1,600+ professionals across North America and the Pacific. For more than 70 years, our creative solutions have helped municipalities, private industry, and government agencies successfully overcome their most challenging water and environmental obstacles.

As an employee-owned company, BC is passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations and making a difference for our employees, our communities, and our environment.

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Service, great technical solutions, innovation. These are the qualities our founders carried forward as the world changed and BC grew into what it is today. Now, 70 years later, these qualities are just as important – essential, really – to BC and to our clients. In a dynamic world where innovation and custom solutions are often needed to solve complex challenges, BC is constantly evolving our services to suit client needs. Following is a sampling of BC’s major practice areas.

  • Water resources/stormwater.Treatment process design, solids management, industrial pretreament, industrial water quality, disinfection, odor control/air quality, pilot/treatability testing
  • Integrated project delivery.Program management, construction management, design-build, owner’s advisory services, remedial systems operations
  • Utility performance.Asset management, change management, CIP planning/prioritization, regulatory and enforcement support, business process optimization, information technology/management
  • Wastewater/reclamation.Treatment process design, solids management, industrial pretreament, industrial water quality, disinfection, odor control/air quality, pilot/treatability testing
  • Drinking water supply and treatment. Hydrogeology/hydrology, resource investigations, conservation programs, water reuse, aquifer recharge, reservoirs/storage, treatment process design, groundwater wells
  • Conveyance infrastructure.Pumping station design, distribution/collection systems, infiltration/inflow reduction, CSO/SSO reduction, condition assessment, rehabilitation/replacement programs
  • Planning/technical support.Treatability studies, treatment plant optimization, hydraulics, master planning/modeling, capacity assessment, facilities planning, GIS development/mapping, electrical and process automation, data management, stakeholder outreach
  • Emerging specialties.Nutrient control, infrastructure renewal, membrane treatment technologies, combined heat & power systems, urban water planning, leachate management, green remediation systems, renewable resources
  • Compliance and permitting.Permitting and auditing, environmental impact assessments, environmental monitoring (air, soil, water), modeling and design, regulatory planning/review
  • Remediation/waste management.Site investigation, feasibility studies, remediation design, solid waste management, risk assessment, decommissioning/decontamination
  • Energy and sustainable development.Energy management/alternative energy, triple bottom line analysis, low impact development, water footprinting, greenhouse gas management, climate change adaptation
  • Operations and maintenance.Asset optimization, operations management services, facility startup/commissioning/decommissioning, OMS connect online O&M manuals, maintenance improvement initiatives, staff augmentation and training

Principal Practitioner Profile

Elizabeth Minyard, CRL
Elizabeth Minyard, DBIA, CRL

Owner Advisor/Project Manager


Years of Experience:25

Notable Facts: Liz is a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) with 25 years of experience in various aspects of owner-advisor support and guidance, including system analysis and business case assessment. She has an in-depth understanding of asset management and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and design methodologies, implementation, and knowledge transfer practices.

Certified Reliability Leader (CRL)
Reliability Center Design (RCD) and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
Business case evaluations and risk assessment
Best practices and context for associated tasks and operations
Analysis, planning, and implementation
Owner Advisor – Design-Build, collaborative delivery, strategy development, procurement
RCM3 Practitioner