Global leader in asset management to bring training and software solution to Hong Kong’s MTR

Aladon just launched a data-driven maintenance program for the  MTR  in Hong Kong. Aladon was selected for the project when MTR sought to develop a maintenance program reviewed by the reliability centered maintenance (RCM3™) methodology. “After working with MTR in a pilot program in past summer, they confirmed their commitment to using RCM3 across their […]

Case study: Large utility company uses RCM3™ to save money and time – even in a pandemic

When a large electric generation and distribution utility company needed Reliability Centered Maintenance training and analyses on critical systems and assets, they turned to Aladon for support. Challenge: Critical assets for a large utility company with multiple facilities needed a more cost-effective, standardized and reliable maintenance process across all their assets The utility company generally […]

How Risk Centered Spares can help solve supply chain woes

By Theuns Koekemoer As the world slowly recovers from strict global lockdown and travel restrictions, we continue to experience the impact of supply shortages. Many industries have been hit hard due to the short supply of critical components, with no end in sight. This has led organizations to struggle to decide where to apply scarce […]

Aladon’s Risk Centered Spares to solve supply chain concerns

That car you wanted in red is only available in black, thanks to chip shortages. Your favorite cupboard staple marinara sauce hasn’t been around in weeks. And that couch you ordered last summer? Still no sign of it. What started in March 2020 with toilet paper hoarding, resulting in empty shelves in mega stores was […]

The Aladon Network Presenting at IMC-2015

Aladon Network Member organizations are the exclusive providers of reliability solutions which are founded on world class Reliability-centred Maintenance (RCM2™) training and consulting services. This global network has helped clients apply RCM2 based practices in over 80 countries. Attend sessions featuring our network members and clients to hear how organizations that have successfully applied RCM2 […]

Aladon releases RCM3™

Aladon released RCM3™ in April 2015 at its Principals’ meeting in South Africa. RCM3 will be the next generation Aladon RCM. RCM3™ does not replace RCM2™! RCM2 is still the most used RCM methodology worldwide. We have enhanced our methodology and our process to make the analysis results even more robust and defensible (especially for […]