Physical Asset Management

The Asset Management ISO Standard 55001 framework provides excellent guidance for what to do in order to achieve conformance, compliance and excellence, but the standard does not provide details on how to do it. Aladon helps businesses develop a world-class asset management strategy through applying the Asset Management Standard ISO 55001 framework.

With Aladon’s methodologies and software, we offer a full life cycle approach to physical asset management. Using all the methodologies in an integrated way helps clients manage their assets and their risks over the full life cycle of the equipment.

We use Reliability Centered Design™ at the start of the process so that businesses can more easily maintain lean designs. Once the equipment is designed, we support the operations team so that they can maintain the equipment properly, using Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2™ or RCM3™) and Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) as part of the continuous improvement. The Condition Assessment Methodology allows us to assess the equipment throughout its life to determine repair versus replace decisions and which ones of these assets have to go back into the design cycle.

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