Asset Technology Group

About Asset Technology Group

The Asset Technology Group (ATG) is a leading company specialized in Predictive Maintenance technologies, Asset Management Optimization service in Korea. The first mission of ATG is to provide the best values to our customers whose main concern is asset management since 2011.

All together, the members of ATG have over 50 years of experience in PdM service with vibration analysis, IR Thermography and Ultrasound test and 10 years experience of asset management service with maintenance information system implementation.

ATG has been a certified training body of vibration analysis, IR thermography and ultrasound test by ISO 18436. Its qualified and experienced instructors provide certification courses of these PdM technologies.

ATG started their asset management consulting service in 2015 with the experience and knowledge of RCM to power plants, Electronics Manufacturers, Food and Beverage Industries to make our customers be qualified to ISO 55001.

Today, ATG provides its original services, as well as artificial intelligence, IoT technologies for asset management by PdM and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM3™) to its customers.

Principal Practitioner Profile

LIM, Gang-Min

CEO, Director

Years of Experience:24

Notable Facts: Lim has been working in the industry as a specialist of Predictive Maintenance with Vibration analysis, IR Thermography and Ultrasound with top level certifications and has a doctorate in mechanical engineering.

Expertise: Lim has focused on Asset Management since 2006. His journey to reliability started with an Operational Excellence Program in his company, the biggest food manufacturer in Korea. He has been involved in the establishment and development of the asset management society in Korea as a planner, practitioner and trainer of this discipline. He has completed maintenance optimization projects with RCM methodology for power plants and some food manufacturers. Dr. Lim became a certified RCM3™ practitioner in 2019 and is looking forward to training and supporting maintenance and reliability engineers in Korea in the Reliability Centered Maintenance methodology with Aladon Network.