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About Systemex Industries

“Because our goal is to always provide the best service to our clients, the Dawco Group has broken new ground with the creation of Systemex Industries, a firm that specializes in maintenance activities, reliability and outsourcing.”

Systemex Industries’ main goal is to increase companies’ performance and the reliability of that performance.

Principal Practitioner Profile

Louis Soucy
Louis Soucy

Vice President

Years of Experience:20+

Notable Facts: Louis Soucy successfully obtained RCM2 Reliability accreditation after completing the theoretical training as a facilitator and presenter of this methodology. Since his accreditation, he has been recognized as an experienced presenter and excellent interpreter of this proven methodology. Thanks to his extensive experience as a maintenance manager and asset management and productivity optimization specialist, he is known as a strategic advisor, facilitator and trainer centered on the practical component and on the results of improvement concepts. His practical understanding and experience allow him to clearly interpret and adapt the concepts and tools required for an improvement and asset optimization plan. His skills in all phases of asset management, i.e. from the design to the operation phase, make him a strategic specialist and allow him to optimize the start-up and implementation phases of equipment. His membership and active participation in the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) give him access to the most recent and productive asset management practices, to complement the methodologies developed by Systemex Industries.

Reliability-centered Maintenance 2 (RCM2)
World class business process improvement
PAS 55
Equipment and manufacturer selection analysis (LCC)
Results analysis and benchmarking
CMMS implementation
Total Productive Maintenance
Maintenance Organization
Increased efficiency results
Organizational structure