Strategic Technologies, Inc.

About Strategic Technologies, Inc.

STI is a leading corporation and employer within the dynamic field of strategic resource management.

With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and alliances worldwide, STI offers training, consulting, software and other services to clients in a wide range of industries.

Since 1987, STI has partnered with clients to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in profit improvement.

Specific areas of focus are:

  • Providing key services in Reliability-centered Maintenance (RCM2), Physical Asset Management, Documentation Reduction and Performance Improvement throughout all business, governmental and institutional sectors.
  • Creating new solutions, services, and knowledge-management approaches and training—consistent with industrial and technological growth.
  • Ensuring the highest level of client-centered, value-added products and services.
  • Fostering a productive, positive work environment where employees can contribute meaningfully to corporate goals and achieve personal success.

Principal Practitioner Profile

Alan Katchmar

Years of Experience:30+

Asset Management
Reliability-Centered Maintenance II (RCM2)
Risk-based Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM3)
Reliability-Centered Spares (RCS)
Performance Improvement
Energy Management