RYKE Reliability Inc.

About RYKE Reliability Inc.

RYKE Reliability is a reliability solutions provider. RYKE provides improvement processes and implementation support, enabling companies to transition to a culture of reliability while sustainably improving safety, productivity, throughput and overall business health through non-capital solutions.

Benefits are only realized when the results of the analyses and improvement strategies get implemented. RYKE’s strength lies not only in the many years of developing asset management strategies and improvement processes, but also in a long history of successful implementations in industrial and often harsh operating environments.

RCM2 provides the foundation for best practice asset management. RYKE, as a member of The Aladon Network, offers training, consulting, facilitation and implementation support for RCM2, and other RCM based reliability improvement processes, plus overall asset management improvement.

Principal Practitioner Profile

Ron Doucet
Ron Doucet, P. Eng.

Director, Founder & President

Years of Experience:20

Notable Facts: Ron has developed reliability improvement strategies, facilitated RCM analyses, and implemented new work processes, often in parallel with running day-to-day operations. This experience enabled him to develop real life, proven, and efficient, implementation strategies for both operating and maintenance tasks.

Ron received an honorable mention from the late John Moubray in his RCM2 book based on Ron’s implementation success, support, and application of RCM2. Ron has also presented and written often on the successes and strength of RCM2 and overall asset management improvement.
Ron is a licensed Professional Engineer (P. Eng), fluent in both English and French, an Aladon certified RCM2 presenter for over 12 years and has over 16 years of RCM2 experience and has been actively improving the performance of businesses for over 20 years.

Improving business performance through sustainable non-capital solutions
Transitioning companies from reactive to proactive asset management
RCM2, root cause failure analysis, spares optimization, maintenance/operation task optimization, and implementation strategies for RCM based maintenance and operating tasks using lean & TPM principles.