Operational Excellence Transfer

About Operational Excellence Transfer

Operational Excellence Transfer is based in the Netherlands and serving the European Union (excluding the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Portugal). The reliability of technical assets is always the result of a good collaboration between maintainers, engineers and production. Operational Excellence Transfer supports and trains employees and their managers in the joint determination of a reliability strategy with RCM. This way enabling companies for ongoing improvement of availability, quality and cost effectiveness within the boundary limits imposed by safety, environmental integrity and sustainability.

Operational Excellence Transfer is part of The Aladon Network, a worldwide network of RCM2 licensees that supports the application of Reliability-centered Maintenance. Its customer base in the Netherlands include Du Pont de Nemours, Netherlands Esso, ExxonMobil Chemical Holland, Dutch Gasunie, Nuon Energy, SABIC Innovative Plastics, SCA Packaging De Hoop, Netherlands Urenco and Yara Sluiskil.

Principal Practitioner Profile

Pieter Jan Hische
Pieter Jan Hische

Partner and Managing Presenter

Years of Experience:14

Notable Facts: Pieter Jan Hische started his career as consultant at NedTrain, the maintenance company of the Dutch Railways. His nine following years were dedicated to improving the reliability of all kinds of rolling stock. He was involved in Specification, Scrutiny of RAMS-LCC argumentation and Reliability Engineering. During this period he grew to be a skilled RCM2-facilitator.

After this, Hische became Director of the service department of Vaillant-Group Netherlands. This department with 35 employees was providing technical business to business support to the installer.

In 2010 Hische was certified as RCM2 presenter and joined Operational Excellence Transfer as partner. During the following years Hische further developed his teaching, RCM2 and advising skills. In January 2015 Hische succeeded Jos ter Brake as Principal of Operational Excellence Transfer.

The objectives of Hische are that the power of RCM is recognized and available to all production facilities of the Netherlands. Hische sees the translating of the Business Objectives to reliability strategies as one of the major and hottest USP’s of RCM. RCM is unmatched in choosing the actions on workplace level on the basis of their added value for the company and so uniting management and staff in striving for the best business results. Hische improved reliability of electrical, chemical and mechanical systems. Those systems where located in plants, public utilities, estate and (public-) transport. Hische has a degree (M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University Delft.