Ellmann y Asociados

About Ellmann y Asociados

Ellmann y Asociados is a team of highly qualified professionals rendering Results Oriented Management Consulting and Industrial Engineering Services since 1958. The scope of expertise covers a wide spectrum of Management and Industrial Engineering Services applying structured state of the art tools to warrant fast, measurable and durable results, with much weight on the achievement of cultural change. Industry, Utilities, Banks, Health Care Services and all types of institutions benefit from the Consultants experience. Specific projects cover Productivity, Quality, Continuing Improvement, Reengineering, Planning and Scheduling, Process Improvement, Plant Layout, Warehousing.

Over the last two decades, Ellmann y Asociados is introducing reliability concepts, expanding Reliability-Centered Maintenance and Physical Asset Management in several branches of industry and utilities, under License of Aladon Ltd. (originally from Great Britain, now USA and Canada) originators of RCM2. Latest association with Ivara, the Canadian Consultant Co. which 2006 aquired Aladon, has expanded the service offering state of the art services and software to further enhance client-companies bottom line. A RCM2 compatible “Root Cause Analysis” technique RCA*dar (also known internationally as RCA2) was developed, copyrighted and is successfully being introduced by Ellmann y Asociados.

The success of Ellmann y Asociados’ services is achieved through implementation and not limited to the “recommendation” stage, the utilization of widely proven structured methodologies to avoid costly “trial and error” processes, coupled to five decades of solid consulting experience in demanding intercultural and interdisciplinary environments.