Latest from Russia: Maintenance Practices & RCM Concept Initiatives Booming

Eugene Gavrikov at Svetogorsk (International Paper)


Over the last couple of years we are seeing a growing interest from many Russian companies who are looking to use new methodologies and new maintenance techniques in various industries. One of the biggest interests is the RCM2 methodology and asset performance management systems.

Major catastrophic incidents that have occurred recently in Russia (e.g. Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam station) have increased the focus on safety in manufacturing facilities. It is evident that previous time based maintenance strategies do not guarantee reliable asset performance.

Our network member in Russia, EAM Systems (Moscow), is one of the leaders in Russian asset management market, specializing in enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions based on an IBM Maximo platform. EAM Systems is an IBM Premier Business Partner, Ivara Authorized Reseller and a member of Aladon Network of Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) consultants.

Together we have developed many new initiatives and activities in contacts with the biggest Russian companies from 5 major key industry fields: utilities market, metallurgy, oil and gas, chemical and paper mill industries.  

A marketing strategy was pointed to target production and maintenance professionals; that is Engineers, Production and maintenance managers and IT specialists.

We are building our relations with clients who are interested in improving their asset reliability and who are open to new methods and new software tools.

The main efforts are directed on a gain of client’s trust and attention, interest to decisions EAM+RCM. This practice proves that the correct approach and systematic work with «target audience #1» is a basis of successful start of the project. The most important is the accurate argument based on specific knowledge of production and maintenance, demonstration of positive results and advantages, and simplicity of use.

We tried to reach our clients in various ways – Internet webinars, direct mail with offering specific solutions for the client in asset management, reference visits to existing clients.

One of the most powerful tools in market developing is an Internet webinar for specific audiences. As a result of the May webinar for steel makers we arranged 3 day RCM2 courses in Mariupol and Enakievo for Metinvest Holding (Ukraine), a world-class mining and steel industrial company in Europe and worldwide. Also we have provided 3 day introductory RCM2 courses for SIBUR, the leader of petro chemistry in Russia and Eastern Europe, and SUEK, Siberian Coal Energy Company.

We had so many discussions with maintenance personnel on how to switch from existing reactive maintenance strategy to proactive. I have heard a lot of arguments like “This is not the Russian way, this is western way to do maintenance”, “We have a different culture and it should be taken into account”. The positive result of these discussions is that at the end of the courses we agreed that the reliable right maintenance does not have a culture, and we can build this maintenance program everywhere in Russia.

The next step in our working relationship with clients is a pilot project on the client’s site to develop real maintenance programs based on RCM2 methodologies. Soon the pilot project will start at Kemerovo Chemical Plant (SIBUR). During this project we have to prove that RCM2 is the key to developing right maintenance activities in a right time.

The very positive sign of growing interest to RCM practices is that SUEK Management Team decided to participate at Ivara Reliability Summit in Denver last September.

Over the last couple of months we had a lot of meetings with management teams of different companies. This became available only after diligent work to review companies’ profile, history, and existing maintenance practices to offer them solutions for improving their asset reliability. A major part of this job was done by our partner EAM Systems.

From my experience I can say that only diligent, professional work with clients can get successful results.

This article was written and submitted by Eugene Gavrikov, Reliability Consultant, Ivara Corporation