Aladon expands cutting-edge asset management and reliability solutions; announces new software development office in South Africa

Aladon, a global asset management thoughtware company announces the addition of a new office in South Africa designed to develop asset management software. The software works seamlessly with the Aladon methodologies. The goal for the global leader in reliability centered maintenance is to expand into software development as a continued commitment to deliver high quality, cost effective, easy to use and cutting-edge solutions for asset management. Read details about our software solution here.

Over the past year, Aladon has been developing the Reliability Engineering Workbench (REW) software and recently purchased an Asset Management software as well to manage assets, spare parts, materials and work orders as a low-cost solution for asset data management. With the addition of cloud-based software, Aladon will have a complete thoughtware and software solution for asset reliability management. Aladon Asset Integrated Management Software (Aladon AIMS) will feature the following:

  1. Business Transformation: The new Asset Management software will help manage master data that can be used for asset criticality and work management. Aladon provides other business transformation services such as maturity assessment, business strategy, methodologies and training
  2. Strategy Development: The REW software uses an integrated approach to develop effective asset strategies. 
  3. Physical Asset Management: Aladon Network consulting offers tools and services for an asset centric approach to manage assets throughout their lifecycle. 
  4. Performance Management: Aladon can develop connected maintenance, predictive technology (IIoT), condition monitoring and tracking and condition assessment to monitor asset health using an RCM approach. Additionally, continuous improvement tools such as RCFA/RAM are leveraged to close the loop for performance management.

Aladon’s move to open its own software development arm comes as asset management today has become more complex and risks of failure have increased due to society’s increasing reliance on uninterrupted use of technology.

Aladon owner Marius Basson says the company has always focused on transforming organizations through training and consulting using the Aladon methodologies like RCM2™ and RCM3™ and then used third party software developed using the Aladon IP to implement them, such as REW. But Aladon’s methodologies drive the way the Aladon Network of practitioners engage to develop asset care strategies, so Basson saw a need for software that supported these integrated methodologies. Once Basson and Aladon Network Member Theuns Koekemoer started adapting software for their own asset management consulting, they decided to develop it for wide availability.

Aladon Technology Manager Kris Hahn, who is managing the South Africa office, says, “We need these resources to move our software to the cloud to better support larger enterprises. We saw a void in the market for tools that reliability asset managers need to perform their various jobs that also share information across the asset management lifecycle.”

There exists nothing on the market today like these tools created by reliability engineers for asset management. The idea is to have the same software suite work along the entire lifecycle of an asset. Both of these will directly integrate with the Aladon thoughtware so that organizations can share information across all Aladon methodologies. 

The South Africa office is also setup to provide software support worldwide, together with regional consultants.

South Africa has a long history in leading asset management, beginning with Aladon founder John Moubray’s development of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2™) for industrial applications in the 1980s.   

The software is already complete and in use by several large global leaders, but Aladon’s South Africa office continues to focus on improving the software and move it all to the cloud.


About Aladon: Aladon is the gold standard and industry leader for reliability centered maintenance-based solutions globally. The Aladon Network serves every industry, in 100+ countries, on nearly every continent to provide affordable solutions to maintaining physical assets. Contact us to find out more.