Aladon Network Member Profile: Meet Carlos Perez

For 30 years Carlos Perez Uribe of Soporte & Cia. SAS. has worked with countless industries in South America to train and apply Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). He works in a range of industries, including: transportation, electric, mining, military, aqueduct, industrial, petro chemical, services and food. In addition to his work as an RCM2™ Aladon Network presenter, Carlos is also a maintenance management consultant, a certified professional in maintenance and reliability approved proctor of SMRP and an active member of the Institute of Asset Management. As if that weren’t enough, he teaches postgraduate courses and certifications in many universities in Colombia and South America. Dozens of companies have benefitted from Carlos’s and Laura’s expertise across several countries, including: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, El Salvador and Colombia.

As part of Soporte & Cia. SAS. Carlos provides tools, methodologies and processes that support and facilitate continuous improvement, ensure quality information, standardized processes and control of resources. Implementing these processes provides employees with professional growth sand economic stability, while adding to a company’s competitive advantage and profitability for shareholders.

Supporting Asset Management

Key to his success in supporting organizations’ asset management, says Carlos, is the long-term relationship he sustains with them. “We have worked with some customers since 2005, and they continue to keep the RCM2 process alive.” Similar to all Aladon Network members, Carlos introduces clients to RCM2 by training their personnel, first in a three-day RCM2 Introductory course and then with a 10-day Advanced Facilitator course. He then helps them conduct their analyses and build a maintenance plan. In the cases when clients train their own facilitators, Carlos conducts coaching, audits and reviews of the analyses they develop.

In his decades of work with RCM2, Carlos says the benefits are many, including best practices for maintenance implementation, more scenarios for defining spares and better knowledge of assets. When it comes to deciding if a company is ready to use the RCM methodology for its assets, Carlos says commitment is key: “If they are willing to make a little investment, train their people and schedule time to analyze, they’re ready for RCM2.”

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