About Optilog

Optilog is a leading supplier of outstanding business solutions in the fields of Asset Management and Engineering Services. They are setting new standards in service provision that enables their clients to improve their business results. Human resources is their most vital asset.

“Our mission is to create a working environment where our employees are inspired to be the best they can. The talent and leadership qualities of every employee at all levels are important aspects to be developed. We obtain our customers’ commitment through continuous improvement, driven by our integrity, teamwork and innovation. Besides excellent service, Optilog also applies a business strategy that is based on operational excellence. We are committed to remain an exceptional enterprise, characterised by ethical values and excellent performance. Based on the core values required from South African companies, we employ a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) strategy to ensure that we help develop and sustain the economic growth in South Africa.”

Optilog provides a wide but specialized range of training, consulting and software services in the field of physical asset management in both the commercial and defense industries in Southern Africa and other parts of the world. Their consultants are highly experienced in the different fields of asset management services that they offer and with the investment in training and development of their own staff and utilizing some of the best software tools available, collectively they make up a team that can support any asset management project from inception to phase out.

Some of their key services are:

  • Training and consulting support in RCM. Introductory training, facilitator competency development through training, mentoring and implementation support.
  • Training and consulting in RC(F)A. Introductory training, facilitator competency development through training, mentoring and implementation support.
  • Maintenance and Asset Management Training, including ISO 55000 training and support
  • Maintenance planning, scheduling and control training
  • Outage management training
  • Consulting support and training to develop, implement and manage the overall asset management

Their suite of asset management software products include:

  • KARABO — Enterprise Asset Management
  • REW—Reliability Engineering Workbench
  • LogV — Logistics Verification
  • Distributor of TFD Group Decision Support
  • Products (MAAP, VMetric and EDCAS) – Life Cycle and Total Ownership Costs

Principal Practitioner Profile

Theuns Koekemoer
Theuns Koekemoer

Years of Experience:30+

Notable Facts: Theuns has trained more than 3500 people in reliability processes in Southern Africa and has personally spent more than 350 man days managing the successful implementation of reliability improvement programs with the main focus on RCM and RCFA in a number of blue chip companies which include the following industries:

• Steel
• Water Distribution
• Mining (Gold, Diamond, Copper, Coal and Iron Ore)
• Offshore Diamond Mining
• Electrical Power Generation
• Power Distribution and Transmission
• Nuclear Power Generation
• Motor Manufacturing
• Petrochemical
• Paper

Theuns started off his career in asset management working for the defense industry in South Africa where he was involved with the development of logistic support plans and systems for the armed forces.

Theuns was involved in the development of Logistic Support programs on various projects within Armscor and the defence industry in South Africa from 1982 to 1990.

The main focus was the development of Logistic Support Analysis Plans to ensure that systems were designed and supported based on all the elements of logistic support that included the application of RCM and FMECA during the design phases of the systems.

He subsequently became involved with the implementation of Paradigm Systems Technology Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in the Mining and Steel Industry.

Theuns became part of the world wide Aladon RCM2 network in January 1994 when he underwent intensive training in the application of RCM in the United Kingdom under the tutorage of John Moubray. He was subsequently certified as a RCM2 presenter and managed the RCM Business Unit within Paradigm Systems Technology from 1994 to 1996. Theuns is also acknowledged as an associate of John Moubray in Moubray’s second edition of his book on RCM2.

Theuns formed his own consulting company, Optechtra CC, in 1996. The company specialized the training and consulting services in the field of physical asset management and employed mainly Aladon RCM2 certified reliability presenters with RCM and RCFA being the main focus.

Optechtra established itself as the preferred provider of the comprehensive application of reliability services in Southern Africa through the implementation of processes like Risk Based Reliability centered Maintenance, Root Cause Failure Analysis and Spare Part Optimisation.

In 2008 Optechtra entered into a business merger with Optilog (Pty) Ltd.

Expertise: Theuns has developed a complete training suite for RCM and that includes the application of risk management principles (Risk Based RCM conforming to the SAE JA1011 Standard) and Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) that has become the norm for training and implementation of RCM and RCFA in Southern Africa over the last 10 years.

Theuns has also managed the development of a comprehensive software system called the Reliability Engineering Workbench (REW), to support the implementation of FMECA, RCM, RCFA, Plant Criticality Assessment and the Optimisation of Existing Routine Maintenance Schedules (ERMO).

This material and software will be incorporated in new material and software to be released during the first quarter of 2015 by the Worldwide Aladon Network of Certified RCM presenters.